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The innovative Digital Ecosystem for 
Global Trade Management


Our Purpose:

Enabling circular

Our digital platform enables organisations to plan more effectively, control scope 3 emissions, reduce risk to reputation from Supply Chain disruption, and to ultimately maximise profits.

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One World ‘Make’ gives you the power to measure every aspect of the manufacturing process – from what raw materials you use, and where you source them, to the tooling you will use in the factory.


Connecting  B2B sellers with their buyers. Negotiating on orders and managing against their contracts.


Effectively manages the requirements, gathering negotiations and fulfilment of a purchase order.
Manage and measure against the obligations of a purchase order using dynamic, real-time messaging and version control.
Provide all parties in the supply chain with a clear plan to procure and bring the product to market.


Clear taxonomy, requirements and references of products, that acts as the single source of the truth. Enables product birth certificate and passport to provide one version of the truth in the chain of custody and in product composition and usage.


Manage services and obligations against a budget across the lifecycle.
Track and manage planned and actual costs and sales as activity is planned and performed.
Increase financial accuracy through managing uncertainty, such as management of activity at product item level measurement.


One World is the only end-to-end system that enables firms to proactively measure and manage people and the planet based on planned and actual impact throughout the chain of custody.


By working in the One World system, customers can ensure compliance with regulations and regimes such as trusted trader schemes. As well as enabling the operational management and fulfilment of services against legal contracts across the entire supply chain.


Enable highly configurable people and process management at the strategic and tactical levels. Lower costs of market entry and participation increased the visibility of your supply chain. Understand its health in real-time.


The ability to connect B2C sellers with the consumer. Enable the consumer to understand the product they are buying with its full context from origin through to the end of use.


Measurement and management of inventory, regardless of state and location, across your entire network.
Identify opportunities to deploy innovative logistics solutions to optimise your inventory throughout the supply chain using the network effect. Cross borders and reach new markets with ease.

What We Do:

Turn your Supply Chain into a competitive advantage.

Connecting people, processes and systems under one global ecosystem. One World measures and manages Supply Chains from the very highest perspective, down to a level of product and ingredient detail to elevate the opportunity to manage for a sustainable future.

As a strategic partner for international trade, we give organisations the ability to drive out waste and improve efficiency, ethics and sustainability.

But we can’t do this alone.

Help us build a better future.


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