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Adam Michie – Product Owner Sub Heading

There’s a whole world of complexity when it comes to global supply chains; opening an abundance of opportunity to find ways of using technology to solve those complex issues. Being part of a talented and harmonious product team as well as working closely with equally talented software engineers provides the scope for meaningful collaboration. We also have a lot of fun, which makes those difficult and challenging moments all the easier to deal with. When the opportunity to join One World presented itself, I was sold on three things. Firstly, the chance to build something completely new from the ground up. Secondly, entering the world of global trade and supply chains, an industry that never sleeps and almost literally makes the world go round. Lastly, and most importantly, the vision of One World to enable sustainability – be it economic, environmental, or societal – a cornerstone for global trade management.
But we can’t do this alone.

Help us build a better future.

Adam Michie – Product Owner

6 Chapel Place 
Rivington St
London EC2A 3DQ
02038 488750

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