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We capture the full lifecycle across the Supply Chain, and share it across entire value chains so all participants, including consumers, have a better understanding of the materials and products they use and their embodied environmental impact.


One World gives Supply Chain owners insight and control of their product at every stage in their life cycle, from the moment of conception until it is returned, recycled, or refurbished. Enabling the rise of the Digital Product Passport to share information across the entire value chain so that all participants including consumers, have a better understanding of the processes, materials and products that they use or are obligated to serve. Here in one collaborative system, you can build, enhance and improve product taxonomy and category lines that can be adapted to suit local market conditions and ensure total confidence in production with an unbroken chain of custody throughout the lifespan.


Buyers have a huge amount of power, but very little control over the way their Supply Chains operate – until today. Before One World, everything was held in silos. When the situation changes from the plan – a global commodity shortage, a missed shipment of a raw ingredient, an updated design; the plan needs to change. When suppliers, schedules, and obligations were adjusted it was impossible to ensure that everyone involved had been informed consistently and at the right time.

One World changes that, aligning all the communities, process and communication throughout the chain – so everyone has live updates of what is happening, and can make decisions about how to respond.


One World gives you the ability to manage every B2B sales order obligation and be in direct communication with your customers – from product and packaging requirements, to contracting and quality control. Allow your customers insight into the status of their sales order, communication and updates to fulfilment status in real time.


‘Make’ gives the you the power to communicate any impacts of the manufacturing process – from which raw materials and resources are used, to the tooling used in the factory. It provides the ability to manage-out waste from the within the system wherever it occurs around the world.

The Make Stack provides the ability to capture each individual unique item that is created via it’s own individual birth certificate, allowing all of the Supply Chain participants across the life cycle of that product to all be working on the same version of the truth. Allowing full traceability right from birth of the product, supporting the ability to enhance quality and reduce product recalls.


From the point of origin, over land, sea, and air, to a granular understanding of the movement of the product into the hands of the consumer, One World provides real-time updates, visibility, and control over the movement of goods. The system gives Supply Chain owners the power to integrate all of the national and international freight carriers in their network, view them, communicate with them, and instruct them from one screen.

This degree of transparency allows you to benchmark, evaluate and simulate performance across multiple suppliers, manage and produce essential border documentation, and even track the final mile deliveries to a consumer’s front door.


Sell allows you to reach the B2C market, by reusing all of the information already captured in the Supply Chain upstream. Ensuring that customers get what they want at a good price and in a timely way requires an almost impossible degree of flexibility and control over their Supply Chains. Impossible, that is, unless you operate a seamlessly integrated Supply Chain where all the key stakeholders are on the same page, share visibility, and are communicating in real-time to solve real-world problems.

With the One World ‘Sell’ stack, you have the capability to serve the consumer regardless of the channel, move to online or in-store environments or simply arrange to drop-ship individual goods to people. Managing this entire process gets a whole lot easier with One World. Most importantly it helps you understand the consumer like never before. You will be able to untap the potential of product personalisation and make it a reality by aligning your Supply Chain accordingly.

Network Design

Provides access to the platform and gives you the ability to create and configure processes and services, manage workflows, communicate with participants within your Supply Chain and control their master data and users. Network Design enables the linking of services and ultimately supports the ability to track the product lifecycle across the suite of One World stacks. As a One World customer, you will have access to the Network Design stack. This allows you to access your dashboards, messages and services and in turn, be contactable by others within the network.


The ‘Govern’ stack enables businesses to bring the entire chain of custody into line with standard practices. By working in the One World system, customers can ensure all their participants in the chain of custody are working to appropriate standards such as trusted traders’ schemes and meet pre-defined service level agreements.

Importantly, every part of the process is customisable to the specific needs of the Supply Chain owner; and while we know it is impossible to achieve the ‘perfect’  Supply Chain in every respect – by setting the rules and having the ability to manage and monitor all the parts of the chain – change can and will happen. Measuring it and monitoring it is the starting point, and that is where One World is uniquely well placed to help.


One World is the only end-to-end system that enables firms to proactively measure and manage people and planet based on planned and actual impact throughout the chain of custody. We allow for every process that happens to a product, and every service that touches it’s life cycle for carbon to be accounted and for awareness to be elevated. 

One World also allows for any organisation that participates in the Supply Chain to have records of their full ethical status at organisational level to allow decision makers to be informed in making ethical, sustainable and governed decisions, on a strategical and tactical basis.


Financial planning should be the cornerstone of every effective Supply Chain. Sadly, today, many business’ manage their financial plan through spreadsheets that were accurate when written but become obsolete as soon as real-world events happen.

Small changes in the real-world situation can compound to make good plans unworkable. If the exchange rate were to change, a government altered the duty on a particular good, a ship is held up in port or the price of oil fluctuates – the plan is wrong – and sometimes catastrophically so. One World enables Supply Chain owners to understand the true cost to consume and recycle goods, not just the theoretical cost. Actual costs and sales can be compared and matched with planned costs and sales at every point of the product’s life. It brings the entire Supply Chain under financial control through every step of the process.

But we can’t do this alone.

Help us build a better future.


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